Cemintel delivers unique street appeal in Brisbane’s south

When building and design company, Into Building, wanted to create a unique look with strong street appeal for their five-house development on Brisbane’s south-side, they came to Cemintel for the answer.

“I had helped a friend of the owners to do his house and they loved our product. They particularly liked our rendering service where we can model how the product will actually look on the home,” says Cemintel Business Development Manager, Vicky Bowen.

“Into Building had five homes in a row but wanted each one to be unique, with a high-end, modern and industrial finish that would stand out in the market,” she adds.

Building designer and builder, Mich Vukolic, says the main challenge of the project was to deliver five different houses from the same base shape.

“We had previously built some houses in the area but we wanted to build five really nice homes that would improve the streetscape. Before we got started there were two old houses from the 1950s, which were knocked down, and then we subdivided the lots,” Mich says.

“We try to be quite different from everyone else, and modern-industrial is our signature style. Vicky came up with some great designs for the facades, which helped us to achieve that look in five different ways, and really fit into our design aesthetic.”

The homes were clad in a mixture of Cemintel products, including several from the Territory range such as Woodlands Teak and Quarry Urban Grey. Other products used included Barestone, SimpleLine, Aspect, Edge and Mosaic.

Modern, versatile and simple to install, the pre-finished, lightweight facades provide a fresh and cost-effective solution for designers and builders.

“With our product range you’re able to achieve very different looks – from the urban concrete look to the sleek white and metallic, then to the natural and warming timber textures – but all staying within that industrial design trend,” Vicky says.

“Most builders would use one or two products, but Into Building has really created a point of difference for every home in the palette and the way they’ve designed for the materials. Rather than saying it’s just the materials applied, they’ve actually designed the facades to fit in with the product – such as changing the size and shape of the windows. The eye for detail with the material selection is what they’ve done extremely well.”

Mich says the service from the Cemintel team was critical to the success of the project.

“It was such great value to have Vicky – someone who really knows the products and how they work,” he says. “She organised most of the ordering and educated us on the installation process because we’d never used the product before.”

Overall Mich is rapt with the finish on the houses and the feedback he’s already received.

“We’re definitely going to use the Cemintel products again. I really like the look of them and the ease of installation with the products is excellent.

“A lot of people have noticed our project. They’ve said the street looks awesome and the overall finish of the houses is great. It’s interesting how everybody has a favourite house – one person is going to like one design or facade, someone else is going to like another. This way the houses are appealing to a broader range of people as they’re all a bit different.”

  • Into Building