Bringing modern art to life

Bringing modern art to life, Building Designer, Kylie Mitchell, translated a painting into a striking home.

The prototype for a range of environmentally sensitive houses, Art House is a bold and innovative design that combines crisp lines, geometric shapes and a daring colour palette to create an unforgettable vision of art transformed into architecture.

To transition from concept to reality, a canvas was needed. Cemintel’s versatile facade solution, ExpressWall, fit the brief perfectly as the cladding can be painted for a custom-tailored finish, allowing a high level of creative freedom. Wrapped externally around the entire home, its clean base accentuates the circles of Cemintel’s Scarborough cladding, an alternative to traditional weatherboard.

Creating an eye-catching polka dot effect, the cladding’s angular horizontal lines contrast with the soft spherical feature shape and stark use of red and black accents.

As Armidale experiences extremely hot summers and cold winter temperatures, ExpressWall provided an effective cladding solution that could achieve the design vision and maintain its finish through diverse weather conditions. The variety of cladding options allowed for a dynamic yet durable facade.    

“From the moment we went to look at the house we immediately fell in love. It’s definitely the kind of home people notice – our friends and family are always commenting on how outstanding it is, and passers-by slow down to take a look. While it’s a unique building, the smart design makes it liveable too,” says homeowner Tim Harris.