Surround™ - Blackish

Façades & Cladding, Internal Linings

Cemintel Surround™ Blackish is deep and dark. Blackish is the most monumental of all the colours. It is stunning on its own, or in a combination of smooth and textured finishes.

The Cemintel Surround™ range responds to the preference for high performance, lightweight materials and the desire for buildings to enhance the environment where we live. From external façades to interior surfaces, Surround is a reinterpretation of cladding as we know it.

With a core range of expertly curated neutral colours and discrete patterns, Surround allows buildings to look as one within their environment. Manufactured in Europe and prefinished, this range works equally well for interior and exterior façades with its sophisticated tactile surfaces, metallic finishes and subtle shades of marl, blue, grey and green.

Deep and dark, Blackish is the most monumental of all the colours. It is stunning on its own, or in a combination of smooth and textured finishes. Soften it up with Husk, a warm taupe, or Mete, a soft and rosy blush.


As seen on THE BLOCK - Season 13 ...


*Special orders involve longer lead times, minimum order quantities and deposit arrangements.  Please contact Cemintel to discuss.

Complementary Colours

Mainland (Special Order*)

Volta (Special Order*)

Mete (Special Order*)

Husk (Special Order*)

Maya (Special Order*)

Garb (Special Order*)

Greenback (Special Order*)


  • Panels come trimmed and sealed and can be installed horizontally or vertically using the Cemintel Commercial Expresswall® fixing system.
  • Colour matched rivets available to accommodate differential movement between building structure and façade. They also provide a more seamless aesthetic.
  • Only one rivet type used for both gliding and fixing points, making panel installation uncomplicated.
  • Superior weather resistance and strength compared to other fibre cement panels of similar thickness.
  • Prefinished coating is highly effective in repelling water, significantly reducing risk of delamination that may occur in freeze/thaw conditions.
  • Applied final sealant coating better withstands weathering over time, as well as environmental factors like pollution and microclimatic conditions, such as mould/algae.
  • Environmentally, the European manufacturing process of air curing means less CO² emissions. Panels can be recycled for soil conditioning and do not pose a health risk for landfill disposal.
  • Façades & Cladding
  • Internal Linings
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